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Camping in Essaouira! Options and addresses to know

Essaouira offers several options for camping, whether near the beach, at specific campsites, or even for wild camping in the surrounding area while respecting the local rules. Here are a few places to consider camping in Essaouira.

The best places for peaceful camping in Essaouira

Close to the town of Essaouira, you’ll find vast sand dunes, argan forests and lush green meadows. These natural areas offer excellent opportunities for camping in the great outdoors. You can also explore the surrounding area by hiking, or by quad bike for an even more immersive experience. Here are the best places to camp in Essaouira:

Camping & Hôtel Le Calme

Camping & Hôtel Le Calme Essaouira

10 km from the centre of Essaouira, this tourist establishment is well-equipped and offers excellent service. The hostesses are helpful and available to meet your needs. Traditional breakfast is included and is well prepared. In addition, you can choose from a range of meals, with prices varying from 10 to 20 dirhams depending on your preferences. The swimming pool is a very pleasant place to relax. The campsite’s location is very convenient.

Dar El Bernicha

Located 9 km from Essaouira, on the coastal road towards Safi, Dar El Bernicha is a private space designed for travellers in motorhomes, 4×4 enthusiasts and surfers. Known for its warm welcome, offering all the services needed to make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Campsite Dar El Bernicha - Essaouira
Campsite Dar El Bernicha – Essaouira

For those seeking a peaceful and charming environment, rooms with private bathrooms and showers are available to travellers. The hotel is conveniently located just 100 metres from regular bus routes and taxis serving Essaouira and neighbouring towns.

Camping Dar El Bernicha, trajet depuis Essaouira
Dar El Bernicha campsite, directions from Essaouira: see on Google Maps

What’s more, you’ll be able to count on solutions to any problems you may have with your car, thanks to the considerable experience gained by the owner over many years and the partnerships established with local mechanics and bodywork specialists.

Camping Esprit Nature

Located 15 km from Essaouira, in the heart of a vast natural forest, Esprit Nature campsite offers a haven of peace and serenity. Designed for families, this French campsite welcomes your children with play areas and a host of activities. Under the management of Séverine and Patrice.

Esprit Nature campsite offers a variety of recreational, sporting and creative activities for families and children.

Campsite Esprit Nature route from Essaouira
Campsite Esprit Nature route from Essaouira: see on Google Maps

The site is relatively sheltered from the wind, as the trade winds are less vigorous here due to the distance from the coast.

Wild camping

The wild camping is not permitted in Morocco. But there are exceptions and tips to know.

It all depends on the region and where you want to camp. Essaouira is a tourist town, known to travellers from all over the world, who also come by camper van. The city is more suited to this type of traveller, but for those who want to escape into nature and spend a night in a tent under the stars, the only option for camping is to negotiate.

If you’re in a small village near Essaouira, you’ll need to find your own plot and negotiate with the owner. If you are in a remote area, it becomes difficult and less safe.

It’s essential to respect the environment and local rules, and not to leave any rubbish behind.